Saturday, October 24, 2015

US Tour

So we finally made it to Austin, Texas and it feels great to be back again! We got there about a week ago and so far it has been one crazy ride! Our good friend Trae from the Krum Bums is helping us out a lot. Not only can we crash at his place but he also managed to borrow a full backline which we can use for the whole US trip. Thanks a lot to Zack, Ram and Josh for helping us out!
Also for the first time on this tour we're having our own van which makes getting around really nice and comfortable. 
The first show of the US tour we played in San Antonio which is around two hours south of Austin. We played the basement of the Korova Club and it turned out to be a really fun show. The people that showed up we're definitely looking for some good times. So even if there were not too many of them they got some crowdsurfs and beershowers going! Good times! Pretty much right before the show we found out there was a house party going on something like twenty minutes from the Korova and that we would be allowed to play there. So right after the show at Korova we packed our stuff and went to this house party. It was already something like 1 am and when we arrived at the house the police was already there because of noise complaints. I didn't exactly understand what happened but after a couple of minutes the police just left and the show was good to go! There was already a backline set up so we only had to plug in our instruments and we were ready to play. Our friend Sam that booked the San Antonio show for us grabbed the mic and gave quite a funny speech to introduce us and to get the attention of all the people that were hanging out in the back yard. And it worked...the living room where the show was happening got really packed and it turned out to be exactly that type of show that we love: it was loud, it was dark, it was packed and it was chaotic! After us played the band of the dude that lives in the house and they fuckin killed it! If i remember correctly they're called Signal Man and they're definitely worth to be checked out.
We got back to Austin around 4:30 am and by that time we still didn't have a show confirmed for the next day. We were trying to jump on the Red City Radio show in Oklahoma City but we were still waiting for a yes or no...around 2 pm the next day we got the call that we could play the show! Since Oklahoma City is about a six hour drive from Austin and we were supposed to go on stage at 9:15 we had to jump into the van right away and start driving. We were really lucky with the traffic and made to OKC just in time: we arrived at the venue, set-up the gear right away and started to play. It was a really cool show for us! There were already a lot of people there and the stagesound of the Blue Note was one of the best we had on this whole tour! In addition to that the whole staff of the club was really welcoming and gave us free PBRs throughout the night!
We were really excited to see Red City Radio because they're one of our favourite bands at the moment and they played a great set! After that the party went on and the whole experience made totally up for the long drive. 
The day after we played at the Sidewinder in Austin. Our good friend Trae was promoting the show and he had a pretty hard time putting the line-up together. In the weeks before the show, two or even three bands that were supposed to play cancelled for various reasons. And on the day of the show he got the call of another band that cancelled. So a lot of last minute calls were made and Trae managed to pull some strings and got some very special bands to share the stage with us that night: Josh (Starving Wolves/Krum Bums) did his first accoustic set ever, The Starving Wolves made their first live appearance ever and even the Krum Bums played a couple of songs! So it totally turned out to be a sunday fun-day with a lot of familiar faces, cheers and beers!
The next day we had off and we experienced a full-on Texas treat! First Sam took us out of Austin to a shooting range. It was a lot of fun and something that should not be missed on a trip in Texas! After that we headed back to his house for what turned out to be the best barbecue I've ever had! Our friend Doyle was being smoking his award winning Brisket and some delicious ribs for the whole day and was already waiting ready to serve when we arrived. It was just amazing!
Finally it was time to leave Austin and to start our way east. The first destination was Knoxville, Tennessee where we played at the Pilot Light. A nice club with a very nice staff made it another fun night. The promoter Jeremy took very good care of us. He offered us a hotel room and took us out for lunch the next day. Thanks so much Jeremy for helping us out!
Right now we're in Rock Hill South Carolina getting ready for the next show. It is going to take place in the Courtroom (where we already played five years ago) and obviously it is a costume we're excited what is going to happen...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Chile is the last destination of our southamerican tour and it's being another incredible experience! We had a couple of days off before our first show here and so we got to visit Santiago and Valparaíso. Both of them are really nice cities. From the Santa Lucia hill in the center of Santiago we had a great view on the whole city and the snowy (unfortunately pretty clouded) peaks of the Andes. Valparaíso is a smaller city located at the coast and has one of Chiles most important harbours. There are some very nice beaches in the area as well. But because of the heavy earthquake and the tsunami resulting out of it they unfortunately are rather devistated at the moment.
The tour in Chile consists of five shows and for all of them we're sharing the stage with Temporal from Santiago. One great band that is definitely worth being checked out!
We were lucky enough to tour in Chile at the time of the Furia Festival, a three days event that took place in the city of Talca. We played Furia Fest last Saturday and it truly was a blast! There was much more going on than just music: In the large patio of the venue a lot of people set up their distros for records and zines. There also was a screenprinting lab on the spot where you could hand in a shirt and have it printed with the beautiful artwork of the Furia Festival within seconds.
Shortly after we arrived at the Festival a small boy approached our merch table. It took me a little time but finally I realized that he was wearing a self-made Überyou shirt! Ten year old Felix from Talca is probably our youngest fan ever and I think it's beyond crazy to get to a place as remote from home as Talca, Chile and encounter a young kid that is wearing a shirt of your band.
The show at Furia Festival was insane! Both the crowd and we delivered a great energy and made this one of our most fun shows ever! People in Talca really do like circle pits...Even during our slower songs they didn't stop doing it...
The next day we played in Chillan which is about on hour south of Talca and we got to know the true meaning of a "late show"...or maybe I should call it early show. There were five bands on the bill but when we got to the venue around 10:30 pm the venue was still closed. The first band started around 1:30 am. The venue was really dark. Some few black light lamps were pretty much the only sources of "light" in the whole place. In addition the fact that they played really heavy doom records between the bands did not really help to shorten the waiting...For we were playing last we started our set around 4:45 be honest, we would not have expected this in advance but there actually still was a really good amount of people present at the venue by that time. And they seemed to be way less tired than we were and they really made up for all the waiting. So it turned out to be a great night after all.
Tonight we're going to play one more show in Santiago which will be our last show of the southamerica tour. The last days and weeks have been so intense that I've not yet realized that were slowly coming to the end of this beautiful Latin America experience. BUT...we're not going home yet!
Anyways...from all our hearts we want to thank Sebastian aka "el rey de neumaticos" from Redencion Booking for putting this whole Chile trip together, for driving and showing us around and for putting up with all our shit. We love you buddy!
We'd also like to thank everyone else that was involved in this Chile tour in any way. People like Sergio and his family that hosted us in Conception made this experience kinda unique!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Buenos Aires

So we made it to Argentina. I guess it's the first visit to this country for everyone of us but we hope it won't be the last! Let's start with some food talk for once...the first month of the tour in Cuba and Colombia the food experience was pretty much dominated by rice and beans. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it especially because i don't get it too much back home in Switzerland.
In Brasil we got to eat lot's of fried stuff like Coxinha or Pastel. Both of them were available on every gas station and on little streetfood places in every city. And of course I should not forget to mention Prime Dog, Sao Paulo's number one spot for late night burgers and Acai.
Now in Buenos Aires we can totally feel the influnece of the Italians that immigrated to the city in the early 20th century...there are lots of pizza places all over the city and they are good and really cheap! And they like to add A LOT of cheese to their pizza. So the last couple of days we have been on a pizza diet...
So far we played three shows in Argentina and all of them were great fun! One of them took place in the center of Buenos Aires and the other two in Berisso and Temperley which are smaller cities in the greater area of Argentina's capital. Getting to the gigs here is quite an experience because other than in the countries before we're only using public transports which is kinda funny because we're getting a lot of attention when we try to squeeze into the subway with all our gear during the rush hour. But it's all worth it and to be honest I'm quite surprised in a really positive sense how well the shows went so far. I would not have expected so many people to come out for example in Temperley on a late sunday night.
Argentina definitely is a great experience so far and it' not over yet! We're stoked for what is to come!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Obrigado Brasil

The Brasil tour went by in a rush! Constant travelling, meeting a lot of old and new friends and most of the time playing late at night made the last two weeks a very intense but incredible experience. And like in the countries before we feel like we spent more time here than we actually did.
During the last couple of days we got the chance to play with and get to know some really cool bands and artists that you definetely should check out. Amongst them are Rooftops from Russia, Chris Snellgrove from Canada, Better Leave Town from Brasil or Overseas from Costa Rica. The latter experienced the worst nightmare that could happen to a touring band...after their gig in Porto Alegre they were just about to leave as a guy with a gun popped up at the driver's window of their car, forced them to get out and stole the car along with all their instruments, merchandise and personal belongings. They were left with pretty much nothing but the clothes they were wearing. I guess at that point most bands would have called it a day...but these four guys didn't! They moved on and missed only one of the four other shows in Brasil which was pretty impressive and inspiring.
The show in Florianopolis took place in the Taleysin Rock Bar, a cave-like place with a cool tiny stage in a corner. It turned out to be a really cool show with an enthusiastic crowd that was willing to party throughout the whole night! Floripa is actually an island with a lot of beautiful beaches. So the next day we really wanted to get a taste of that. Of course we did not get up before noon and of course by the time we arrived at the beach the weather turned and it started to rain...we finally realised that winter in Brasil actually exists...
Later the same day we played in Blumenau, home of the biggest Oktoberfest out of Germany - and home of our friend Luis from Nunca Inverno who booked our last tour in Brasil. It turned out to be a really cool night with lots of familiar faces, beers and cheers. Unfortunately we weren't able to spend more time in Blumenau because we had to drive back to Curitiba straight after the show. We were all kinda passed out in the back of our two cars and did not even realised that we had to stop and exchange a flat tire somewhere on the road. By the time we got to Curitiba the sun had set already a couple of hours ago. So the day was spent resting and getting ready for the first edition of the Prejudizo Fest later that night which was scheduled at 92 Grados. This place was probably the coolest venue we came by in Brasil! For over 20 years it is run by the same guy. He built all the interior pretty much from scratch and puts an unbelievable amount of energy into it and already hosted bands like Fugazi at 92 Grados!
The show ended really late and we only could close our eyes quickly becore all the bands hopped on a big bus back to Sao Paolo for our last show in Brasil where we were supporting Title Fight! It turned out to be complet change to the shows before. The venue was huge, so was the stage and for a change we really had to stick to a schedule. The show turned out to be an amazing experience for us! Although we already played around 6pm there were already a lot of people at the venue. And they took a lot of interest into our show - we even managed to get the first stagedives of the night!
The Title Fight show was insane! People went totally crazy and made this an unforgettable night. But eventually it came to an end and it was time to say goodbye to our friends from Under Bad Eyes and to Xao who stayed with us throughout the whole Brasil trip. We want to say a huge thank you to all these guys, to Rosanne and Wellington who made their home our home, to Luis and the BNU Punx and to everyone else that helped us out or came to our shows! We hope to see you all very soon! Überlove/Überyou

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Heading down south to Curitiba

Brasil....! It is being so intense and so much fun! During the last six days we've been playing five shows in Sao Paolo, Piracicaba, Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Sorocaba. We're travelling with two kinda small cars which makes fitting all the gear and smelly clothes into the trunks quite a convenient challenge every night...But also besides our Eau de Cologne moments there have been so many impressions in such a short time that it is kind of hard to get a hold of it all. Every city and every venue had a charme of it's own. In Piracicaba for example the show took place in the basement of this old school kinda bar where we got treated with homemade Cachaça and Rabo De Galo. Don't even ask what the latter gotta try it for yourself! In Santos we played in a lovely small studio and got our asses kicked in the playststion Tony Hawks Pro Skater contest that was driving people crazy before and after the show.
Rio De Janeiro has been a really special experience to us. After a long drive we arrived at the Dona Vegana Restaurant which was the venue for the show. It is a really nice and welcoming place with great food and lovely people that also offered an art exibition. Although it was a rainy Sunday (and someone told us that the folks in Rio are kinda afraid of rain...), lots of people came out for the show and made it a beautiful night. The next day was an off day so we got the chance to do some sightseeing in Rio. Even though the weather was kinda shitty we just had to go for a swim at Copacabana. The good thing about it was that we pretty much had the whole beach for ourselves. And the Caipirinha bar was serving drinks despite the gnarly temperatures...It was already getting dark when we paid the Sugarloaf a visit. But this didn't make the view less spectacular! From up there we could overlook the many beaches, bays, neighbourhoods and hills of Rio enlighted by thousands of was really epic!
Tonight we just played in Sorocaba and we were looking forward to this show a lot because two years ago it has been one incredible night. And we should not be disappointed! This time the show took place in a tiny but really cool bar and again the kids were such an energy driven, welcoming and just beautiful audience!
We're heading for Curitiba right now which will take us about six hours and will be the starting point of our next four shows in Brasil: Florianapolis, Blumenau, Curitiba and Sao Paulo again...fuck yeah!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Off to Brasil!

A couple of hours ago we arrived in São Paulo, but the last days in Colombia are still very present in our heads. The last show in Bogota was just amazing! We played in an abandoned chinese restaurant together with really awesome bands from Bogota: Isla Tortuga, Whites and Ximena Tenemos Que Hablar. Altough it was a monday, there were already a lot of kids even before the doors opened. And just after the first band started to play the venue was packed and both - the crowd and the bands - delivered a nice energy. The show was promoted by the super nice guys from the "Rattrap" cultural center which is a really cool place that offers screenprinting facilities and workshops, a rehearsal space and art expositions, just to name a few. This place is DIY culture lived to its fullest!
Anyway, when we were about to play it was already getting late and people not only hung out inside the venue but as well on the sidewalk in front of the venue. Because it was a monday and a rather quiet neighbourhood and there were no permits for the venue or the show, we heared some whisperes that we might get a visit from the police...and we did. But luckily they just arrived during our last song of the set. Still it was a bit of a bummer because everyone had to leave the venue immediately and there was no time to hang out and talk to everyone.
The next day we met up with Julio from Discos Sin Fronteras - this guy really made our time in Bogota an unforgettable one - and went up the Montserrate mountain to get the perfect view of the city. From up there we truly realized the huge dimensions of Bogota. Later we visited the Rattrap and said our goodbyes to everyone before we left for the airport. So now a couple of hours later, here we are in São Paulo, Brasil! We got picked up at the airport by our friend Favela and right now we're enjoying the hospitality of São Paulo's finest Rosanne and Wellington. Tomorrow will be the first of nine shows in Brasil together with our friends from Days of Sunday and Under Bad Eyes... we truly can't wait!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to Bogota

Our time in Colombia is coming to an end. Right now we're on a bus heading for Bogota and thereby crossing mountains as high as 3500 meters. Not only the views you get on those rides are breathtaking...but so are the driver's ambitions to overtake every slower vehicle on the road - regardless of the limited view or the traffic.
The last week we've travelled a lot, encountered totally different climates and landscapes and visited different cities in Colombia such as Medellin, Cali, Armenia and Perreira. In the last couple of days we also enjoyed the most different accomodation experiences such as being the only guests in a big recreational village in the middle of nowhere, sharing beds with cats or staying in an old "art deco" hotel that still preserved his charme from the 50ies and would have made the perfect background for Shining 2.
All the shows in Colombia were kind of a last second thing so we are really greatful for all the help we recieved from everyone involved! Thanks to David from "Desnudos en Coma" for adding us to the Cucumbo Festival in Cali and making his home our home. And another huge thanks to Jorge from Armenia for organizing the shows in Perreira and Armenia and for looking after us during the last couple of days. We hope we can hang out and share more beers and rum very soon!
So...before getting all sentimental about leaving Colombia...we'll play another show in Bogota tonight and we are really excited about it! And altough we would have loved to spend more time in Colombia we're really looking forward to Brasil!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Colombia linda!

Wow....Colombia is a blast! We arrived in Bogota a week ago and ever since it has been the best of times! The hospitality we encountered here is incredible. When we got to Bogota we had only three shows confirmed. Now it looks like we're gonna play seven shows in Colombia.
Last friday we played in Bogota in a rehearsal space and it was absolutely crazy! The place was small but packed and the energy of the crowd was incredible! It didn't even matter that one of the guitar amps broke during one of the last songs. Everyone enjoyed the singalongs, crowdsurfs and pile-ons.
The next day we took a plane to Medellin. At the airport we got picked up by our friends of "Son De Arena" which we got to know in Cuba two years ago. It was the most beautiful welcome I ever experienced! Their whole band came to pick us up at the airport and they brought their traditional drums and pipes to play us some welcome tunes. It took us about an hour to drive to Marinilla and it was just one insane ride! During the whole trip they played traditional songs in this tiny van. Beers and aguardiente were passed around and before we even got to Marinilla everyone felt kinda dizzy, but in the best possible way! And it got even better: the guys from Son De Arena rented a finca for the weekend! It was located a little bit out of town on top of a small hill and was surrounded by a nice garden with orange trees and offered a beautiful view on the Marinilla area! And when we got there, there was already a lovely smell coming out of the kitchen. And just a couple of minutes later we got served the best colombian style homecooking food that you could imagine! It was so delicious and it was a lot. So after the meal everyone took a little nap.
Later in the evening we played at the Ocelot Bar in the city of Marinilla. It was a saturday night and the town was really busy. The streets were massively crowded and the traffic was insane! Just standing in front of the bar and looking at the scenery was like watching a movie.
Anyways, at some point it was time for us to finally play and like in Bogota it was one insane experience! People danced their asses of, sang along and went totally crazy! So far we never came across such enthusiastic crowds as in Colombia! We're so excited about the next shows to come!